Chicken Spit

Try a tasty alternative to roasted pork with our hog roast oven chicken spit set. It uses our hog spit pole and motor but features a unique 5 arm rotisserie which can hold up to 36 chickens at a time! It’s also possible to cook turkey, beef joints and pork legs on this gadget. Made from stainless steel, this popular accessory is a real show stopper when in use. Watch as your guests come to peer through the viewing window to get a glimpse of those juicy chickens sizzling away.

Once the meat has been cooked using our chicken spit, it’s time to raise the rotisserie into the serving position to carve in the open air. The scents of roasted meat will fill the air – delicious. You can then detach an arm one by one to make carving as easy as possible, leaving the other intact so the visual excitement is not effected. The carving tray beneath works as a hot plate to keep all your trimmings hot.

Just like the rest of our hog roast oven equipment, the chicken spit set has been designed to be super easy to use! If you have any questions about this or any of our other products, just get in touch today.