Extend your hog roast oven with the addition of our brilliant BBQ set, the easiest way to produce barbeque flavours whatever the season. We all love the sights and smells of a sizzling summer Barbie but now you can cater for the masses at any time of year with our thermostatically controlled gas burners and barbeque plate. A must try at those laidback party events and casual wedding receptions.

The BBQ set fits on top of the Platinum hog roaster with the doors of the machine removed and hug on the ends to reveal maximum surface area. The burners run along the length of the machine and can be adjusted to get the temperature just right at all times, depending on what you’re cooking. With this accessory there’s really no excuse for under or overcooked products. Our BBQ kit is ideal for cooking BBQ highlights like sausages, steaks, kebabs, burgers and grilled fish.

Want to know more about this popular addition to our Platinum line? Come to our showroom and take a look or just give us a call to chat with a catering expert. We have our 50 years’ experience in the catering business so we know what we’re talking about.